Thursday, March 17, 2022

Ex-Employee Conspired To Rob Courier

Days after the courier company's supervisor robbed Rs 2.56 lakh, the Bastarpur police have arrested three people, including a former employee of the company, for hatching a conspiracy to commit robbery. Zafar Shaikh, supervisor of Expressbiz Courier Company in Juhapura, left the office on Monday night with the company's cash, which he wanted to deposit in the bank a day later.

Sheikh's scooter was first hit by a motorcycle on a 132-feet road outside Samras Hostel. There was a fight with another person over this matter, who put chili powder in Sheikh's eye and snatched his bag worth Rs 2.56 lakh.

Based on these allegations, the Bastarpur Police has arrested three people involved in the crime.

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Why social inequality will ruin the planet?

Why social inequality will ruin the planet

The West spends all its energy on eliminating gender differences and racism

The growing gap between the rich and the poor poses a serious threat not only to the stability of the global economic system but also threatens serious complications and new conflicts in developed and developing countries.

It is noteworthy that this trend, which gained strength after the collapse of the States (there was no example of social support for workers), manifested itself on an unprecedented scale during the coronavirus pandemic. It seemed that this terrible disease does not distinguish between people and affects, regardless of origin, skin color, and place of residence. However, in reality, it turned out that a narrow stratum sharply increased their fortunes. Forbes magazine reported that in 2021 there were a record number of billionaires in the world - 2,755, almost a third more than in 2020.

The largest number of billionaires in the United States is 724, but China has significantly more rich people - 626. The total fortune of American billionaires was $ 4.4 trillion, which is almost 1.5 trillion more than last year.

The third line in the ranking is taken by India, where 140 billionaires live. It pushed Germany back into fourth place with 136 billionaires. The combined fortune of Indian billionaires is $ 596 billion, which is 90% more than last year.

IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva warned that “preexisting inequality, exacerbated by the coronavirus crisis, could lead not only to macroeconomic instability but also to increased polarization, eroded trust in governments and increased social unrest.”

Indian political scientist and writer Chandrahas Chowdhury believe that the world has come to terms with certain types of inequality, for example, with the fact of class differentiation, and the West spends all its energy on eliminating other types of differences - racism or gender inequality. This was facilitated by the huge increase over four decades in the wealth of developed countries, or 10% of the population in most countries, compared with the static real income of the working class. He concludes that increasing economic inequality is becoming the most serious problem of our time.

Chowdhury, like many others, believes that the development of the world is going in the wrong direction: although the troubles from the pandemic are increasing, the military spending of all states is increasing. In 2020, they exceeded $ 1.98 trillion, which is 2.6% higher than in 2019.

The most egregious manifestations of inequality are found in the United States. According to Yossi Meckelberg, who works at London's Chatham House, the richest country in the world ranks only 13th in the overall quality of its infrastructure: rusty bridges, roads that cannot handle heavy traffic, and water systems that are not suitable for use in XXI century, and power supplies and Internet services operate with great fluctuations in different parts of the country.

A recent Pew Research Center poll found rising income inequality in America - the worst of the G7 countries for this indicator - that is particularly affecting African Americans. The author concludes that spending huge amounts of money by increasing deficits and collecting new taxes is not a magic wand for healing American society.

Some American authors argue that the true scale of the global disaster due to the pandemic is not yet clear. However, the incredible number of deaths in the most developed country - almost 600 thousand - should be alarming. As, by the way, and the failure of the vaccination campaign in the European Union.

Thomas Friedman wrote on April 27: “Our debilitating political and cultural civil war, fueled by social media, undermines the ability of Americans to act in unison and for Washington to be a global stabilizer ... Our foolish decision to expand NATO in the face of Russia - after the collapse of the Soviet Union - turned post-communist Russia into the enemy, not a potential partner. "

Friedman's conclusion that a US civil war is imminent echoes letters from a French military group issued in May warning of the risk of civil war in the country over the threat posed by Islamists and suburban gangs. Generals note the rise in urban violence and point out that "hatred of France and its history is becoming the norm." In their opinion, "the civil war is already smoldering in the country."

Meanwhile, the New York Times draws attention to the fact that the coronavirus plunged the world into an economic crisis, caused a sharp rise in unemployment in the United States, forced millions of Americans to barely make ends meet, but in many companies most affected by the pandemic, executives received colossal bonuses. “The different fates of leaders and ordinary workers illustrate the sharp divisions in a country on the cusp of an economic boom but still plagued by sharp income inequality. Stock markets are rising, the rich are free to spend, but millions of people are still struggling. Executives are hoarding their fortunes, while laid-off workers line up for food rations, ”the newspaper said.

According to the Institute for Economic Policy, CEOs of large companies now earn an average of 320 times more than their workers. In 1989, the ratio was 61: 1. From 1978 to 2019, general laborers' pay rose 14% and CEOs rose 1,167%. The pandemic has only exacerbated this inequality, as hundreds of companies have rewarded their executives with pay-as-you-go packages far more than what most Americans will earn in a lifetime.

The modern world is at the stage of a radical change: growing social inequality, a huge difference in incomes threaten the most serious complications not only for individual countries but for the entire planet. 

Saturday, February 12, 2022

3 Held For Embezzling Rs 2.01 Crore From Money Transfer Company

Madhya Pradesh Cyber ​​Cell has recently arrested three people 

For hacking the server of a private money transfer company and embezzling Rs 2.01 crore from bank accounts in a year.

The three accused are Rohit Rathore, Rafiq Paik, and Shamshad Khan.

Police said that Rathore, a resident of Dahisar and a B.Com graduate, was the mastermind of the crime. During the year Rathod worked, the private company he worked for, around 3,000 transactions 

were made, money boiled over, sometimes in his own account and sometimes in the co-accused's account. Police said they also paid him a commission after transferring money to Pakistan and Khan's accounts.

Scrutiny of the company's full-year balance sheet revealed malpractices of over Rs 2 crore, following which a police complaint was filed and three people were arrested.

Rathore and Payak were produced in court on Thursday and remanded to five-day police custody. The arrested accused Khan has been admitted to the hospital after being positive for Covid-19.

During the appearance of the accused, the police told the court that he hacked the bank account of Rathore's company and transferred it to the account of his co-accused. Police told the court that as soon as Rathore transferred money to someone's account, it was immediately withdrawn from the ATM. Rathore used to transfer Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 to avoid any doubts.

He said, 'Rathore has similarly transferred money in the accounts of 10 to 12 people. It is not yet known what happened to the Rs 2 crore taken from the company.

A similar case of cheating was registered against Rathore at Malad police station two years ago.

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

FPJ Legal: Absolute Right Of Minor Daughter, Says Court

The Sessions Court has ruled that a minor girl has every right to maintenance and is entitled to it.

The court said this on the basis of an appeal filed by the father of the 11-year-old girl against the Kurla magistrate's court order to pay her monthly maintenance children.

The boy's parents were divorced. The girl went to Kurla Magistrate Court through her grandfather and demanded maintenance.

He told the court that his mother and father had separated and he was living with his grandparents, which was not the case is in a position to give. The Curler magistrate ordered the father to pay Rs 5,000 and Rs 2,000 as monthly maintenance.

Residence Rs. 50,000 more child compensation. The father approached the Sessions Court against the order.

He argued that he and his wife had agreed to divorce and accepted Rs.1.5 Lakhs of people have given up their right to alimony and permanent alimony for themselves and their daughters. she said it wasn't

Responsibility for child support.

Additional Sessions Judge RM Sadrani, in his order, said that the right to maintenance is with the girl and she has this right.

At least until he becomes a minor. The court further held that the single payment was for five years only, if the parties agreed.

The maintenance was for life and the minor girl was entitled to maintenance. "The most important thing is to take care of a minor girl"

It is the duty of every father and this is the public policy," Justice Sadrani said and give up rights to future care, especially when rights of minors are involved.


Monday, May 24, 2021

How do you like that, Elon Musk?


How do you like that, Elon Musk? 

For half of this week, we all lived together with the new hobby of Sergei Vladilenovich, who decided to stir up his annual forum "New Knowledge" (no, well, what else should he do if the security forces are more and more involved in domestic politics).  Though we are at this event nothing very new did see and did not acquire any knowledge, we must pay tribute, the show was staged better than our eternal formats, where someone, and furthermore, perhaps even many individuals, speak to Putin.

This time they did without the first person, instead of him they called everyone officials who were at hand, and the main star, without which no one would have noticed the forum, - Ilona Mask (why not Rogozin, he would have drowned a taxi, sang, furthermore, even sang): "A truly hopeless conversation with Musk and helpless planning. 

Kids' inquiries from the crowd. They got the star that they did not understand what to do with it. We thought that everything goes by itself "- says political scientist Tatyana becomes even again, maybe in Tesla Factory will open if the turned- this Minpromtorg earlier not to jail for one - main the same, and the mainline of the forum was simple and straightforward idea: earlier we wanted to show something slant and crooked and said, "How do you like that, Elon Musk?", but now we show Musk himself, only it is not clear why and to whom, but somehow this is all wrong,

Even even though Russia has its own shoals like the same "United Russia", which, well, has simply already bothered everyone with its primaries, where they are trying to lure anyone they can (after all, they have a rating of 15% in Moscow, and supporters have already run from the sinking ship to the opposition ), even the teachers are already sending them. but even with United Russia, there is something to be proud of, for example, the Piskarev bill against Navalny, who decided to finalize.

Kleshas and Krasheninnikov(all the stars of the convocation in one bottle): everyone who supported Navalny in the last year will have to live for some time without elections, and yes, repost and like will do, it is not at all necessary to go to a rally or transfer money, likewise it will also do, but the fact that the law is retroactive is not the point, because, as they explain in the Federation Council, the basic rights guaranteed by the protected article of the Constitution are such garbage and their deprivation does not count - "How do you like this, Elon Musk?"

Even in our country one can be proud of vaccines, but not only the “foreign agent” “Meduza” says that even Moscow needs another 2 to 7 years to get herd immunity, but Sobyanin comes out and (well, when he is not distracted by delirium about vaccinations for $ 2 thousand) openly admits, they say, yes, the vaccination campaign was not to our expectation, it's just "offensive", the first ones were registered and distributed - "How do you like this, Elon Musk?"

You can be pleased with the Moscow City Duma because there the United Russia self-nominated candidates with a salary of 500-700 rubles a month offered to arrange a paid vacation for 4 months at once and for this they arranged a 15-hour meeting until 1 am, passing laws like the one on which to vote for Mayor will now be able to all with temporary registration for 3 months. 

However many occasions as they need, only the last one will be counted - all oppositionists without exception (to, By the way, Ilya Yashin chose to interface with them ) there they just got their heads: "Indeed, at least stop, at least fall,” the delegate Shuvalova was angry.- What are you guys ?! In general, look at yourself from the outside through the eyes of your voters! " , - well, "How to do you like this, Elon Musk?" ,

But this, of course, is not all, there is another pride in Moscow - the head of the Department of Transport Liksutov, who was caught firing everyone who supported Navalny from the metro last week, even international sanctions were promised to him in the politician's team, the solicitation was rarely replied, they don't have the foggiest idea how to function, let alone colleagues: Meduza, as it turned out, was recognized as a foreign agent by a denunciation of a very strange man, Alexander Ionov, whose complaint was passed on to the authorities at such a speed (one federal agency per day) that, as they say, "Putin was stunned when he discovered".  ... what is there to ask about Musk,

And in general, we fight dissidents in the style of a “five-year plan”: while a signatory explains that officials had an exhaustive right to sit in a full hall with Putin without masks during the message, law enforcers came to the Zemsky Congress in Veliky Novgorod, which they were digging into on the platform, began to count how many people were in the room, measure the distance between the chairs with a ruler and demand to stop this is a disgrace in the form of a discussion of the topic of local self-government.

Although this all slightly hindered the Congress, except that Galyamina and a couple of colleagues were detained, now, apparently, she is waiting for an examination at the dentist, because Lyubov Sobol has already started looking for "fraud" in her mouth with donations to Navalny (well, those, apparently, which the politician did not launder) - well, "How do you like this, Elon Musk? ",

Not intrigued at this point? - all alright, to Belarus, wherein the end the deprived Lukashenka sent the basic rights of citizens so far that he decided to completely close, and it is still not clear why he blocked (apparently, so as not to remind him of the lost World Cup in hockey), in any case, these are generally blossoms, berries went in the form of stars, or rather, just yellow stripes in the colonies, which, as it turned out, the Lukashists began to mark political prisoners, remembering the timeless practice of their colleagues from the Nazi Reich - you certainly don’t need this, Elon Muskso it’s better not to come to us with your teslas, otherwise you may not remember, we already had one Uncle Styopa with his ё-mobiles - we were playing democracy here, - but somehow I swam, so what do you think one more time.